Pro Edition - iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus

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The ultimate lens collection.

Telephoto, Wide, Macro and Fisheye lenses for iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus. Made from premium multi-coated optics, each lens delivers sharp and stunning images. Each lens comes with a dedicated case and clip mount for your iPhone.

  • If each item is purchased separately, the total cost is $379.96


- Telephoto, Wide, Macro & Fisheye Lenses
- iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus Lens Case
- Clip-on Mount
- Lens Caps + Pouches

    Technical Parameters

    • Telephoto Lens - 60MM | Magnification - 2X
    • Wide Lens - 16MM | Magnification - 0.56X
    • Fisheye Lens - 10MM | Magnification - 0.2X
    • Macro Lens - 25MM | Magnification - 10X
    • Coating - Multi-coated

    Our Pro Lens Edition includes:

    • 1x Telephoto Lens
    • 1 x Wide Lens
    • 1 x Fisheye Lens
    • 1 x Macro Lens
    • 4 x iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus Case
    • 4 x Clip-on


      • iPhone 8 Plus
      • iPhone 7 Plus
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          Four Lenses
          Four Perspectives
          Telephoto, Wide, Macro & Fisheye
          Three Lenses
          Three Perspectives
          Macro, Wide & Fisheye
          Wide Lens
          2X More Field of View
          Wide Lens
          2X More Field of View
          Telephoto Lens
          2x Zoom
          Telephoto Lens
          2x Zoom
          Fisheye Lens
          5X More Field of View
          Fisheye Lens
          5X More Field of View
          Macro Lens
          Close-up, vivid details
          Macro Lens
          Close-up, vivid details
          Precision Engineered Glass
          The biggest challenge in making quality glass is eliminating distortion. Made from premium multi-coated & multi-element optics, each lens delivers sharp and stunning images.
          Precision Engineered Glass
          The biggest challenge in making quality glass is eliminating distortion. Made from premium multi-coated & multi-element optics, each lens delivers sharp and stunning images.
          Versatile Mounting System
          Each lens includes a case and clip-on mount.
          Versatile Mounting System
          Each lens includes a case and clip-on mount.
          Case Mount
          Clip Mount
          In-Depth Video
          In-Depth Video

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          Wayne S.

          SandMarc Lens Cases

          I purchased the 4 lens set for the iPhone XS Max after reading what was to be “included in the box”. The lenses are terrific, as are the lens clip ons. However none of the cases would fit on my iPhone. I contacted Support and was told the reason the SandMarc case won’t fit is because I already have a case on my iPhone...which I didn’t have, of course. Support then said they would send me a Pro case immediately. And they did. I asked about the other 3 cases I needed for my other three lenses. They said that I would only need the one as there is a lifetime warranty on these new better Pro cases. I indicated to Support that I should be getting 4 cases that fit; not just 1 case. I had paid for four cases...that didn’t fit my iPhone XS Max. I also indicated that I often travel overseas, and as I live in Canada, it would be very inconvenient if this one case were broken or lost. The logistics of replacing my case if I’m on a trip would be a nightmare. SandMarc Support would not replace my three useless cases but I was able to negotiate getting a second case...for which I am grateful. However I still feel that I paid top dollar for a complete lens set, and did not receive the expected value for my money. The second case arrived promptly (today). I hope others will read this to ensure you are getting what you pay for. Good luck to you. I must say SandMarc Support was very prompt in replying to me via email but lacked understanding and empathy in ensuring “customer satisfaction” is a priority.

          Ho K.

          Feedback on Sandmarc lenses

          Hi, I like the quality of lenses. However some areas that I really wish to have: 1) ******** on of the lenses - the current way of ******** on to the phone case or the clip is not ideal. It’s not easy and not quick. Need to improve on that. 2) Pro Edition - this come with 4 lenses. Ideally Sandmarc should provide a portable case to house all the lenses. Without that it’s difficult carry these lenses out for a shoot. Hope the suggestion can help to improve on your product.

          Lee M.
          United States


          We need ND filters for the fisheye and macro lens!!! And telephone support too! The optics are fantastic. Great lenses.

          Nic B.
          United States

          Mixed feelings

          This review is for the Pro Edition - iPhone XS, which includes four lenses: the telephoto, wide angle, fisheye, and macro. Additionally, I also purchased the Cinema Edition filter set, which includes 3 ND filters (ND4, ND8, ND16) and a polarizing filter. I've only done some light use with the kit so far, and will try to update this in a month or so after I return from an overseas trip where I expect to put the kit to the test. -- Lenses -- So far the lenses seem to be of good quality. The wide angle does have some barrel distortion, but not noticeably. The build quality is solid, and the lens caps are a nice touch. -- Filters -- I haven't had a chance to test these much, but can say that I don't see much need for an ND4, and would rather have had an ND32 instead. I do like that I can put the filters on my phone without the lenses, using the included clips, or in combination with the lenses. One user did not that using the filters on a phone with just the clip can be difficult in that it's hard to block light from the side creating a reflection inside the filter, and having played with them a bit, I can definitely see that this might occur. Again, the build quality feels very good. -- Cases, Clips, Sacks -- To clarify, each lens (as though it was purchased individually), comes with the front and back lens caps, a MagicFiber cleaning cloth, and a small soft pouch in which to carry those items. Additionally, they come with two mount options, a universal clip mount and a phone-specific phone case with threaded attachment points over the phone's camera(s). First off, the inclusion of both mounts is a great value. While the universal clip is a nice add-on, I find it difficult to use. Getting the correct alignment over the camera is tricky, and the slightest bump to the clip throws the alignment off again. The phone case is a great mounting option; perfect alignment every time with no chance shifting. However, the case is not one that I - personally - would feel comfortable leaving on my phone all the time. The texture is nice and soft, but a tad slick. Additionally, there are several cutout areas along the edges, presumably to make it easier to get on/off and not block buttons. These cutouts (especially along the top edge that doesn't have buttons or speakers) don't seem necessary to me and reduce the protection of my phone, compared to most other cases, even slim design ones. Lastly, the front edge of the case just barely covers the bevel, so it doesn't protect the phone screen if placed screen-side-down on a table (also increasing the likelihood of it slipping off a surface), especially if you have a glass screen protector on. And while I know it might just be my personal preference, I find it irritating to have a bump out on the back of the case for the lens thread attachment, making it so that the phone can't lie flat on it's back, with screen up, as most people would have their phone. I'd love to see Sandmarc make 2-4 phone case types that could be selected during purchase, and maybe they will someday and that will be great. -- "Pro Edition" -- There's nothing about this that makes it a Pro Edition (or the filter pack a "Cinema Edition"). This set is simply a price-discounted bundle of four individual items. Sure, it's nice to get the price-cut, but it feels like the name is misleading. I ended up receiving four individual boxes, one for each lens. So I ended up with four clips, four soft pouches, four phone cases... I would have really loved for the Pro Edition to take into consideration the fact that you're getting four lenses, and rather than give you four of every accessory, give you one clip, one case, and one nicer larger pouch that can hold all four lenses (and the clip). Ideally, it would be awesome if the larger pouch had an included place to put the filters, so everything could be in one set. It might also encourage lens owners to purchase the filters if there are spots for them (just saying). I'm hoping this is something Sandmarc changes in the future; until then, I'm searching for the best way to carry all this kit around. 4 STARS: I removed a star for the less than ideal case and lack of consideration for creating a true kit of four rather than just a price bundle. If those things change, I may raise the star level. If, on my trip, the lenses prove to be less quality than they currently appear, I will lower the star level.

          Eli W.
          United States


          I wish there was a way to order these lenses without getting 4 cases and 4 lens clips